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Zhongshan G-Lights Lighting Factory locates in lighting capital, Guzhen, China. According to more than one decade exploration, research and development, G-Lights turns into the mainstay of outdoor project lighting business. With immersive experience style outdoor lighting showroom, standard industrial plants and workshops, and all kinds of production, processing, testing equipment, G-Lighting has integrity management, keeps focusing on the challenge and need from clients, and providing competitive solution and service. Client will get maximum benefit continuously from G-Lights. G-Lights business: mid-to-high end project lighting and customized lighting devices for outdoor landscape, garden, building, bridge, road,etc. G-Lights service: perfect one-stop outdoor lighting solution service provided, including lighting design consultant, lighting selection, lighting production, transportation assistance,installation instructions, after sales service, etc. Solve problem, reduce cost in after sales. Detail solution will be provided, such as product choosing, budget control, installation guide, etc. According to customer's lighting drawing, customized service available, even low MOQ. Flexible delivery time, manage to catch up with project time. Exhibition G-Lights keeps showing news product to customers in annually lighting exhibition, such below exhibitions that we join every year: Canton Fair Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Hong Kong International Lighting Fair China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair And oversea exhibitions such as in Dubai, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, etc, will keep updates in our website.

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  • Why do solar garden lights choose LED lamps as the light source

    April 09, 2021

    Solar garden lights are widely used in villa courtyards, which save electricity and are easy to install. Even in remote areas where power grids cannot be set up, solar garden lights can ensure normal lighting, so many places have successively chosen to install solar garden lights. , But we will find a problem, most of the solar energy is quite far away, they choose LED lamps as the light source, why is this? Solar street lights are generally composed of LED light sources, solar panels, lithium battery packs, controllers, and light poles. LEDs are the main lighting equipment. Today we will talk about its advantages. As the light source of lighting, LED lamps are very convenient to install, just install it directly. Some other light sources are very inconvenient to install, and it takes more than 4 hours to install a lamp. Another reason that LED can become the main force of solar garden lights is that the light colors of LED light sources are very many, white, dark yellow and other lighting colors can be used in the scene, complement the environment and atmosphere, and can also achieve rich dynamic changes according to customer needs The effect can even show a variety of patterns. Another important benefit of LED light source is that the energy consumption is very low, because the effect that LED light source can achieve is 20 times that of high pressure sodium lamp, so the same lighting effect LED light consumes less electricity, and the efficiency of LED light source is better. One chip. LED light source is a unidirectional light source. This feature determines that the effect of LED light source is better than that of ordinary high-pressure sodium lamps. I don`t want common lighting fixtures to d

  • How many meters is the distance between the street lights designed by the solar street light manufacturer?

    April 08, 2021

    Solar street lights are becoming more and more popular. We often see street lights one after another on the road, but do you know the distance between each solar street light? Why is the spacing designed like this? Generally speaking, the distance between each solar street lamp is about 812 meters. As for why it is designed like this, let me talk about it. Generally speaking, if the distance is too large, the street lamp will not be able to continuously cover, which will cause the light coverage of the street lamp. Discontinuous, it is easy to cause a continuous area of light and black on the road, which cannot achieve the effect of continuous lighting of the area. If the distance of the street lights is too close, not only will the number of street lights increase, the budget will increase, but also the waste of lighting resources. When installing a 3.5-meter-high solar street lamp, the general configuration of the light source is 15 watts. When such a street lamp is installed, the general layout is 812 meters. The lighting effect is still relatively good. You can install one more for the corner. Pole street lights, so you can avoid the emergence of lighting blind spots. Usually we often use single-sided lighting when installing street lights. Two-sided cross lighting and two-sided symmetric lighting are three lighting forms. When designing and constructing on site, you can choose a suitable layout according to specific needs. For example, we can use two-sided layout to cross on a single-lane road. , Two-way four-lane can use bilateral symmetrical layout, if it is a six-lane or eight-lane road, we can choose bilateral symmetrical layout, which can achieve better results. The rural so

  • What problems should be paid attention to when repairing solar street lights?

    April 06, 2021

    With the active development of new rural areas, solar street lights have become a common choice for road lighting in new rural areas. Regular maintenance of solar street lights can not only ensure normal lighting, but also increase the life of solar street lights to a certain extent. Let's learn about what problems should be paid attention to when repairing solar street lights? 1. The maintenance plan should be reasonably determined according to the quality of the whole lamp. The quality of current solar street light accessories is also very different. It is necessary to analyze and diagnose solar panels, solar street light batteries, solar street light sources, solar street light controllers, etc., and newly replaced components should be designed to match the original system life to minimize the number of repairs. , Thereby reducing maintenance costs, especially the problem of solar street lights, most of the solar street lights are battery failure. Although some solar street light sources are not broken, but because the quality of the LED chips is relatively poor, the light decay is large, and some have even begun to malfunction, it is better to replace the LED street light source, because the light efficiency of the current LED chip is higher than three years ago A lot of it, the same brightness will save a lot of battery costs and have a longer lifespan. Overall, it is still cost-effective. 2. Do not use lead-acid batteries as much as possible. Most of the batteries used to install solar street lights are buried underground. Continued use of

  • How to protect solar street lights from lightning?

    April 05, 2021

    Solar street lights are installed in the field with a certain height, and there are many metal accessories of solar street lights. When designing, it is necessary to install down conductors and ground wires. These can form an external lightning protection system for solar street lights. The advantage of this is to prevent solar street lights from causing fires or damage to solar street lights due to lightning strikes, or even to avoid personal accidents. In addition, the voltage protection must be set up. The rural solar street light manufacturer Langkin Lighting performs a protective work on the solar street light system, so as to prevent the power supply of the solar street light system from being damaged by the intrusion of induced lightning or other forms of high voltage, so the internal protection The mine system is also necessary. First of all, when we are in the lightning protection base, we must ground the lightning rod, lightning wire, and lightning arrester, and the resistance of the ground should not be greater than ten ohms, so as to avoid damage to the electrical equipment of our solar street lights by lightning. Another is the circuit lightning protection of the solar street light system, and the circuit lightning protection of the solar street light. We can choose a photovoltaic DC lightning protection device, which is based on the use of a special photovoltaic power generation system. In the thunderstorm weather, the solar street lamp circuit will produce electrostatic induction or electromagnetic induction, so it is easy to form a sudden peak voltage or peak current, which will also cause damage to the solar street lamp In addition, when we are grounding, we must connect the metal f

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