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What problems should be paid attention to when repairing solar street lights?

With the active development of new rural areas, solar street lights have become a common choice for road lighting in new rural areas. Regular maintenance of solar street lights can not only ensure normal lighting, but also increase the life of solar street lights to a certain extent.

Let's learn about what problems should be paid attention to when repairing solar street lights?

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1. The maintenance plan should be reasonably determined according to the quality of the whole lamp. The quality of current Solar Street Light accessories is also very different. It is necessary to analyze and diagnose solar panels, solar street light batteries, solar street light sources, solar street light controllers, etc., and newly replaced components should be designed to match the original system life to minimize the number of repairs. , Thereby reducing maintenance costs, especially the problem of solar street lights, most of the solar street lights are battery failure.

Although some solar street light sources are not broken, but because the quality of the LED chips is relatively poor, the light decay is large, and some have even begun to malfunction, it is better to replace the LED Street Light source, because the light efficiency of the current LED chip is higher than three years ago A lot of it, the same brightness will save a lot of battery costs and have a longer lifespan. Overall, it is still cost-effective.
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2. Do not use lead-acid batteries as much as possible. Most of the batteries used to install solar street lights are buried underground. Continued use of gel batteries for solar street lights is costly and the replacement is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The current lithium battery solar street lamp storage and control integrated machine can be fixed on the light pole or placed under the solar panel. Both replacement and subsequent maintenance are more convenient.

3. The replaced solar street light components must be matched with the original system. This includes two aspects. One is the quality matching of the first item, and the other is the matching of technical parameters, including the matching of the lithium battery capacity, and the solar street light controller. Don`t blindly replace it by yourself, so as not to cause greater losses.

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