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What are the principles and techniques of club lighting design?


With the development of society, there are more and more clubhouses, and people have higher and higher requirements for the level of clubhouses. The choice of Lighting Decoration in the club decoration design plays a decisive role. So in the selection of mall Chandeliers, need to pay attention to and consider, then, in the club decoration design on the choice of common lighting should know what several principles?

Principles of Energy Conservation in club decoration design. We in the club decoration design process, the choice of lamps and lanterns must pay attention to not light map luxury, beautiful, but also consider energy-saving. Try to use energy-saving light bulbs, energy-saving Light Bulbs Save Electricity, illuminance is good, also do not give off heat, suitable for multi-head tools. Energy-saving bulbs are mostly standard screws. When Choosing Club Hall droplight, have standard screw, optional energy-saving Bulb, still have a kind of non-standard can not save energy, want to choose energy-saving type as far as possible. And spotlights are mostly non-energy-efficient.

II. Principles of club decoration design. In the club decoration design process, its indoor power problem is extremely important, so in the choice of club indoor lamps and lanterns, pay attention to see whether the lamps and lanterns produced by regular manufacturers, such as choosing inferior lamps and lanterns, there is a risk of rupturing or burning the wiring. Normal products are generally marked with the total load, we can determine the total load of the bulb wattage and multi-head ceiling in the number of bulbs.

The principle of simplicity in club decoration design. Usually, in the club decoration design process, we choose the lighting will have two major functions, lighting and decoration, but we should pay attention to the lighting function, decoration is only a Zhang Sengyou effect, so, in the selection process, we should discard too many useless decorative lighting, too complex shape, too many complicated patterns and colors, too many useless decorations. Instead of beautifying the space, we should use them in the simple interior decoration design, it's GONNA look tacky.

The durable principle of club decoration design. In the club decoration design process, the so-called durable lamps and lanterns is an important indicator of the good or bad, a often bad, always to be maintained lamps and lanterns who will not accept. Therefore, whether the lamp manufacturer is regular, how long is the service life, we have to consider when choosing lamps and lanterns important factor.

5. Function. In the club decoration design process, its different boxes and rooms have different functional requirements, therefore, in the selection process, we have to select lighting materials according to the functional requirements of the club room.

VI. Environmental Protection Principles for club decoration design. People mainly advocate environmental protection, especially the environmental protection of the indoor lamps and lanterns in the clubhouse. Therefore, in the decoration and design process of the clubhouse, we mainly put forward the question whether the plating and luminescence of the lamps contain heavy metals and ultraviolet light that are harmful to the human body, in the purchase of lighting to understand clearly, because this is related to people's health, environmental lighting will become the future of indoor lighting the main direction of development.

In fact, when you choose lamps and Lanterns for club decoration, you should choose the corresponding lamps and lanterns according to the decoration style, because each decoration style has its own meaning, so the style of the lamps and lanterns does not fit into the decoration style, so even then the lamps can not be displayed, therefore, the club decoration in the choice of lamps and lanterns, first of all to combine the decoration style to choose the corresponding lamps and lanterns and light intensity.

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