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Reasons and solutions for the shorter lighting time of solar street lights

Long rainy days will cause solar street lights to be unable to transmit more sunlight to the photovoltaic panels of solar street lights during the day due to weak sun rays, resulting in that solar photovoltaic panels cannot convert enough solar energy into electricity and store them in lithium batteries. The discharge capacity has not been reduced, the stored power is less than before, and the long time will easily lead to insufficient power supply of the lithium battery, which will also cause the solar street lamp to have a shorter night lighting time. This situation does not need to be deliberately concerned, as long as the weather improves, continue Normal lighting can be restored after charging for more than two days.

Another situation is that the capacity of the lithium battery of solar street lights is reduced. No matter what kind of battery, there is a certain service life. If the stored power of a long lithium battery reaches a certain service life, the capacity will become less. The performance of the lead-acid battery is more obvious. If it has reached a certain service life, it can basically be considered that the battery capacity of the lithium battery is not enough. If the voltage and current of the battery are simply measured with a multimeter, the lithium battery can be directly replaced.


If there is nothing wrong with the weather and the lithium battery itself, the quality of products sold by middlemen is often the problem. These middlemen are not manufacturers and do not know the technology very well. Benefits are prioritized. Regardless of product quality problems, they will be sold according to customer preferences and not actual Choose the corresponding accessories according to the situation, so it is very important to cooperate with the regular solar street lamp manufacturers when buying and choosing solar street lamps, so that the quality is guaranteed in the early stage, and the failure rate in the later stage is still low.

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