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HomeNewsHow many meters is the distance between the street lights designed by the solar street light manufacturer?

How many meters is the distance between the street lights designed by the solar street light manufacturer?

Solar street lights are becoming more and more popular. We often see street lights one after another on the road, but do you know the distance between each Solar Street Light? Why is the spacing designed like this?

Generally speaking, the distance between each solar street lamp is about 812 meters. As for why it is designed like this, let me talk about it. Generally speaking, if the distance is too large, the street lamp will not be able to continuously cover, which will cause the light coverage of the street lamp. Discontinuous, it is easy to cause a continuous area of light and black on the road, which cannot achieve the effect of continuous lighting of the area. If the distance of the street lights is too close, not only will the number of street lights increase, the budget will increase, but also the waste of lighting resources.

When installing a 3.5-meter-high solar street lamp, the general configuration of the light source is 15 watts. When such a street lamp is installed, the general layout is 812 meters. The lighting effect is still relatively good. You can install one more for the corner. Pole street lights, so you can avoid the emergence of lighting blind spots.


Usually we often use single-sided lighting when installing street lights. Two-sided cross lighting and two-sided symmetric lighting are three lighting forms. When designing and constructing on site, you can choose a suitable layout according to specific needs. For example, we can use two-sided layout to cross on a single-lane road. , Two-way four-lane can use bilateral symmetrical layout, if it is a six-lane or eight-lane road, we can choose bilateral symmetrical layout, which can achieve better results.

The rural solar street light manufacturer Langkin Lighting believes that although solar street light is a green and environmentally friendly new energy product, the energy used is inexhaustible solar energy, and it is clean and pollution-free, which is very suitable for vigorous development in the future. Solar street lights are one of the emerging energy products, but we still need to pay attention to the installation location. The installation location must not affect the traffic and avoid traffic accidents when pedestrians or drivers are traveling. This is also one of the important decision points when selecting a site.

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