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What is the reason why the solar street light does not turn on or go out after installation?

Solar energy uses light energy to generate electricity and does not pollute the environment. Therefore, solar street lights are welcomed by people and promoted by the country. However, in use, some customers reported that the Solar Street Light did not turn on or turned off after installation. What is the reason? Let`s take a look with Longine Lighting:

1. Wiring method

After the solar street light is installed, if the lamp cap does not light up, it is possible that the worker has connected the positive and negative poles of the LED lamp cap reversely when wiring, so that the lamp does not light up. Also, if the lamp holder of the solar street light does not go out, it is possible that the battery panel is connected reversely, because our current lithium battery has two output wires, and the reverse connection will cause the LED to stay on for a long time.

2. Quality issues

In addition to the above two situations, the most likely possibility is the quality of the solar street light itself. At this time, we can only contact the manufacturer, send the solar street light back to the manufacturer for testing, or ask someone to come for service.

3. Controller failure

The controller is the core of the solar street light. The red light means charging, flashing means the battery is fully charged, if it`s yellow, it means the battery is in short supply and the light cannot be turned on normally. At this time, the battery voltage of the solar street light needs to be checked. If it is normal, it is basically determined that the controller is broken. If the light is off, check whether the wiring is off.


4. Capacity issues

In addition to the possibility of wiring problems, it may also be caused by the capacity of the lithium battery. Because according to relevant regulations, the storage capacity of solar lithium batteries from the factory to the transportation of batteries is controlled at about 30%. This means that the battery capacity given to the customer is not satisfactory. If the customer does not install for a long time or encounters a rainy day after installation, it can only consume the power stored at the factory. When the power is used up, it will cause the solar street light to not light up.

5. Battery failure

The batteries used by many manufacturers are not waterproof, which leads to short-circuiting of the positive and negative electrodes of the battery after the water enters, causing voltage instability. During the test, carefully observe the change of the battery voltage with the depth of discharge. If it cannot be used normally, replace it with a new one.

6. Whether the line is damaged

If the insulating layer is worn, the current is conducted through the lamp pole, which will cause a short circuit and the lamp will not light up. By the way, some solar street lights are also on during the day and cannot be turned off. In this case, 80% of the controller components are burned out.

7. Can the battery board be charged?

Usually, the situation that cannot be charged is mainly manifested as voltage and no current. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the battery board connector is well welded, and whether the aluminum foil on the battery board has current. If there is no current, it is basically concluded that the battery board has been scrapped. If there is current on the solar panel, pay attention to whether it is covered by snow and cannot be charged.

The above reasons why the lights do not turn on or go out after the solar street lights are installed are shared with you. One thing to note here is that repairing solar street lights is the job of professional staff. We don`t help to repair solar street lights privately, and try to wait. The maintenance staff will come to repair it.

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