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How to protect solar street lights from lightning?

Solar street lights are installed in the field with a certain height, and there are many metal accessories of solar street lights. When designing, it is necessary to install down conductors and ground wires. These can form an external lightning protection system for solar street lights. The advantage of this is to prevent solar street lights from causing fires or damage to solar street lights due to lightning strikes, or even to avoid personal accidents. In addition, the voltage protection must be set up. The rural Solar Street Light manufacturer Langkin Lighting performs a protective work on the solar street light system, so as to prevent the power supply of the solar street light system from being damaged by the intrusion of induced lightning or other forms of high voltage, so the internal protection The mine system is also necessary.

First of all, when we are in the lightning protection base, we must ground the lightning rod, lightning wire, and lightning arrester, and the resistance of the ground should not be greater than ten ohms, so as to avoid damage to the electrical equipment of our solar street lights by lightning.


Another is the circuit lightning protection of the solar street light system, and the circuit lightning protection of the solar street light. We can choose a photovoltaic DC lightning protection device, which is based on the use of a special photovoltaic power generation system. In the thunderstorm weather, the solar street lamp circuit will produce electrostatic induction or electromagnetic induction, so it is easy to form a sudden peak voltage or peak current, which will also cause damage to the solar street lamp

In addition, when we are grounding, we must connect the metal fittings of the metal shell and metal shelf of the electrical equipment of our solar street lights to the ground wire and to insulate them. Use a whole piece of ground wire and don't have a joint in the middle, it will easily affect the resistance and current, and the grounding effect of the jointed ground wire is not good.

All of our exposed electrical equipment must be connected through the ground wire. And the resistance must be less than ten ohms, this is to prevent leakage of our own equipment.

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